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Travel across America by train


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Tiny Rails is a management strategy where you direct, maintain, and improve your own train while you travel across the United States, completing objectives and getting passengers and products from one station to another.

A casual game at heart, each train moves automatically on its tracks. Your responsibility is to make important decisions in order to maintain and improve the train cars, with options to increase the number of cars or define the specific use for each one.

In practical terms, Tiny Rails is a management game that feels similar to any city building game, though in this case, you're in charge of a train and each improvement takes a while to happen. It's a beautiful and slow-paced game with pixelated graphics. If you love trains or management strategy games in general, you'll love Tiny Rails.
By Erika Okumura
Manage a rail company with Tiny Rails

The world of gaming offers all sorts of different entrepreneurial hats for players to try on: managing theme parks, hospitals, farms, and even private bathroomsTiny Rails has you taking charge of a railway inherited from your grandfather, and you have to see to making it the best rail company in the world. Think you can?
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Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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